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Pogo Book Indexes - 1970s & others

All Books Are Listed Chronologically

IMPOLLUTABLE POGO (1970) Daily strip reprints (from 1970)

Dedication – text
Author’s Foreword – text
1.        A new year begins with Howland, Churchy and Beauregard rearranging it.
2.        Churchy decides to fight air pollution and stop breathing.
3.        The bats plan a television show of deceased guests to endorse non-breathing.
4.        Churchy meets a bear (hyena) who is mistaken for a groundhog.
5.        The bats begin interviewing breathers and non-breathers.
6.        The bats start listing guests for the TV show.
7.        Howland and Churchy visit Sarcophagus MacAbre for a funeral concert.
8.        Albert is approached to be a guest on the TV show.
9.        The hyena meets Mole and Seminole Sam and speaks of TV, the real air polluter.
10.     Mole and hyena don’t eat at Wiley Catt’s, then head for Sarcophagus’ digs.
11.     Pogo, Albert, Porky and a bat talk of lively funerals.
12.     Albert visits the bats and is mistaken for Auntie Fudgenut.
13.     Howland and Churchy are imprisoned on suspicion.
14.     The hyena and others decide to try the guilty prisoners.
15.     Albert and the bats have a phone conversation with Cleopatra.
16.     Howland and Churchy try escaping from their cell.
17.     The bats talk with Uncle Beanfellow and Cleo on the séance phone.
18.     Pogo and Porky climb a mountain.
19.     Howland and Churchy’s trial begins; Sarcophagus is locked away.
20.     The trial continues with a talkative gun.
21.     Everyone arrives at Sarcophagus’ for the TV show and is locked up.
22.     After the prison break, the TV show is forgotten over a large meal.


Original material* and daily strip reprints (from 1971)

Dedication – text
“Where the Wasties Repose” verse with illustrations*
Author’s Foreword – text
Storyboard for an educational film on the origins of pollution:*
“We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”
“A Gun Ain’t Loaded ‘Til You Pull the Trigger”
“From Here On Up, It’s All Downhill”
“A Pig is a Pig is a Pig is a Pig…”
“The Legal League Illegal Eagle”
“Pity the Poor Rat” verse with illustrations*
“Roaches are Read; Vilest Brew” verse with illustrations*
“H2O is H. to Pay” verse with illustrations*
Author’s Second Foreword – text
1.        The Boss and hyena receive a secret message from the Chief: paperdolls.
2.        Seminole Sam and Wiley Catt break into Miggle’s to place a newspaper ad.
3.        Churchy locks himself indoors on Friday the 13th.
4.        A new message from the Chief: running and smiling paperdolls.
5.        Sam and Wiley grab Mamselle Hepzibah’s nephew instead of Pupdog.
6.        Pogo, Albert and Beauregard study the paperdolls.
7.        A computer repairman helps the Boss with the paperdolls.
8.        Hepzibah and Miz Beaver start tracking the kidnappers.
9.        Mole will ransom the purloined “dog” for Sam and Wiley.
10.     Mole decides to keep the skunk; Deacon decides to keep the ransom.
11.     The Boss and the repairman look for seat belts for the computer.
12.     Deacon deciphers the paperdolls.
13.     Rumor of a drunken computer effects the ballgame.
14.     Mole has the skunk-child tending house.
15.     Pogo claims that a crime not investigated makes for a bad precedent.
16.     Word gets around that Pogo is bad-mouthing the President.
17.     Albert rescues the skunk-child, then investigates the Boss.
18.     Pogo, Albert and Churchy escape with the garbage.
About the Author – illustrations*

POGO’S BODY POLITIC (1976) Daily strip reprints (from 1970-1972)

Dedication – text with illustration
Pogo talks with Ripe-Dan Winkle.
Foreword by Jimmy Breslin – text
1.        The hyena discusses spiders with a flea.
2.        Sam the spider speaks of hope and aspiration from his cellar ruin.
3.        Howland and Churchy go over their “Save the World” programs.
4.        Pogo listens to Ripe-Dan’s verse.
5.        Deacon Mushrat and the hyena discover that the Chief has been “Shanghaied.”
6.        Ripe-Dan gives Miz Beaver a valentine and talks of world improvements.
7.        The Chief sends a secret message made while he was asleep.
8.        Churchy visits Howland’s Hard Luck Department.
9.        The Deacon places a want-ad for a sleeper.
10.     Albert signs for a million; the hyena plans a 240-minute hour.
11.     Churchy and Howland discuss inventing elephants and ersatz mush.
12.     Albert travels in a sedan chair, picking up a hitchhiking mailman.
13.     The hyena and Seminole Sam speak of rascals, good and bad.
14.     Churchy gathers news for Pogo’s paper, The Fort Mudge Most.
15.     Pogo and Porky talk about reporting and Ripe-Dan Winkle.
16.     P T Bridgeport brings his wind-up candidates but the train isn’t running.
17.     The Female Order of Freedom (FOOF) meets.
18.     The fire department is stuck in the river.
19.     Churchy looks for secret humans; animals are the real silent majority.
20.     Senator Bulfrog pays a visit to Pogo and Porky.
21.     Churchy meets the Boss and his undercover agents.
22.     Albert, Porky and Churchy join Pogo for breakfast in bed.
23.     Pogo checks the election results.

POGO’S BATS AND THE BELLES FREE (1976) Daily strip reprints (from 1968-1971)

Dedication – text
1.        Pogo and Porky talk of the bats and pollsters.
2.        Albert frees Uncle Antlers from his place on the wall.
3.        Porky proposes doing away with the cause of pollution: people.
4.        Snavely, Mouse and an insect compare notes on not being human.
5.        The bats display their knowledge as pollsters.
6.        Churchy, looking for secret humans, decides dogs are an abnormal species.
7.        Miz Beaver gets acquainted with Miz Flea.
8.        Pogo is jealous of Mamselle Hepzibah and Butch the cat.
9.        Seminole Sam and Wiley Catt are after Pupdog; Churchy continues his survey.
10.     Howland’s mock-up newspaper proclaiming Pogo as president is getting around.
11.     Beauregard recites a poem and is bitten (by Miz Flea).
12.     President Pogo decides to run away before the country runs him.
13.     The bats go over their poll results.
14.     Pogo’s running-away party takes off without him.
15.     Wiley Catt discusses gun control with one of the bats.
16.     Pogo looks for Porky, who wanders alone.
17.     The Christmas play calls for three wise bats and a camel (Snavely).
18.     Pogo and Porky look back on a good year.

Book collections of previous books

POGO REVISITED (1974) Previous books reprinted in one volume

Publisher’s Foreword – text
"The Pogo Poop Book” (1966) reprinting the complete book
“Instant Pogo” (1962) reprinting the complete book
“The Jack Acid Society Black Book” (1962) reprinting the complete book

POGO RE-RUNS: SOME REFLECTIONS ON ELECTIONS (1974) Previous books reprinted in one volume:

Foreword by Bill Vaughan – text
“Preface” (from “The Pogo Party”)
Commentary by Bill Vaughan – text
“I Go Pogo” (1952) reprinting chapters 9-15
Commentary by Bill Vaughan – text
“The Pogo Party” (1956) reprinting chapters 11-32
Commentary by Bill Vaughan – text
“Pogo Extra (Election Special)” (1960) reprinting the complete book
Author’s Afterword (Author’s Foreword from “The Pogo Party”) – text

POGO ROMANCES RECAPTURED (1975) Previous books reprinted in one volume

“Pogo: Prisoner of Love” (1969) reprinting the complete book
“The Incompleat Pogo” (1954) reprinting the complete book

A POGO PANORAMA (1977) Previous books reprinted in one volume

“The Pogo Stepmother Goose” (1954) reprinting the complete book
“The Pogo Peek-A-Book” (1955) reprinting the complete book
“Uncle Pogo So-So Stories” (1953) reprinting the complete book

POGO’S DOUBLE SUNDAE (1978) Previous books reprinted in one volume

“The Pogo Sunday Parade” (1958) reprinting the complete book
“The Pogo Sunday Brunch” (1959) reprinting the complete book

POGO’S WILL BE THAT WAS (1979) Previous books reprinted in one volume

“Positively Pogo” (1957) reprinting the complete book
“G O Fizzickle Pogo” (1958) reprinting the complete book

Books edited by Bill Crouch Jr and Selby Kelly

Featuring reprints of daily strips, Sunday strips and magazine articles.
Daily strips reprinted are listed below.

THE BEST OF POGO (1982) 04 Oct 48-28 Jan 49, 16 May 49-25 Jun 49, 16 Oct 50-23 Dec 50

POGO EVEN BETTER (1984) 27 Jun 49-27 May 50, 05 Jun 50-14 Oct 50, 25 Dec 50-30 Dec 50

OUTRAGEOUSLY POGO (1985) 01 Jan 51-29 Dec 51

PLUPERFECT POGO (1987) 31 Dec 51-30 Dec 52

PHI BETA POGO (1989) 01 Jan 53-31 Dec 53

Books from other publishers

POGO FOR PRESIDENT (1964) Fawcett Crest Books, mass market paperback
Reprinting chapters 10-15, 1 and 9 from “I Go Pogo” (1952).

IMPOLLUTABLE POGO (1976) Pocket Books, mass market paperback
Reprinting the complete book “Impollutable Pogo” (1970).

THE POGO CANDIDATURE (1976) Sheed Andrews and McMeel, trade paperback
Reprinting several strips, one panel per page, from “I Go Pogo” (1952).

THE BEST OF POGO (1977) Gregg Press, hardcovers
Reprints of ten books as individual hardcovers with color dustjackets, each complete:

“Pogo” (1951) with a new introduction by Selby Kelly
“I Go Pogo” (1952)
“Uncle Pogo So-So Stories” (1953)
“The Pogo Papers” (1953)
“The Pogo Stepmother Goose” (1954)
“The Incompleat Pogo” (1954)
“The Pogo Peek-A-Book” (1955)
“Potluck Pogo” (1955)
“Pogo A La Sundae” (1961)
“Gone Pogo” (1961) 

POGO COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS (1995) Jonas/Winter Inc, hardcovers
Reprints of ten books as individual hardcovers without dustjackets, each complete:

“The Pogo Sunday Book” (1956)
“Pogo’s Sunday Punch” (1957)
“Beau Pogo” (1960)
“Pogo Puce Stamp Catalog” (1963)
“Deck Us All with Boston Charlie” (1963)
“The Return of Pogo” (1965)
“Prehysterical Pogo (in Pandemonia)” (1967)
“Equal Time for Pogo” (1968)
“Impollutable Pogo” (1970)
“Pogo: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us” (1972)

POGO FILES FOR POGOPHILES (1992) Spring Hollow Books, hardcover and trade paperback.
An overview of the comic books and strips (with reprints), collectibles, and the revival strip.

POGO BY WALT KELLY (1992-2000) Fantagraphics Books, trade paperbacks.
Continuing series reprinting daily strips in chronological order

VOLUME 1 (1992) 04 Oct 48-28 Jan 49, 16 May 49-25 Jun 49
(1994) 27 Jun 49-10 Dec 49
(1995) 12 Dec 49-22 May 50
(1995) 23 May 50-31 Oct 50
(1996) 01 Nov 50-28 Apr 51
(1997) 30 Apr 51-13 Oct 51
(1997) 15 Oct 51-10 Apr 52
(1997) 11 Apr 52-04 Oct 52
(1998) 06 Oct 52-14 Mar 53
(1998) 16 Mar 53- 29 Aug 53
(2000) 31 Aug 53-12 Feb 54

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All Walt Kelly art used on these pages is ©O.G.P.I. - other material ©2000-2008 by Marilyn White

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