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Campaign Buttons from past Pogo For President runs

Here are some examples of Campaign Buttons from some of the Pogo's hard fought Presidential campaigns. These photos are all thumbnails and the buttons can be seen in actual size by clicking on the picture.

This small 1952 campaign button was produced for Pogo's first Presidential campaigns. It was repeated for his 1956 campaign.
This 1956 button is four inches in diameter, and is the largest of all the Pogo campaign buttons. It is considered scarce.
These 1968 buttons are quite scarce. In all there are 30 buttons, and quite a few of them pertain to Pogo's Presidential campaign. All the swamp folks had some wonderful slogans for Pogo.
Another example of a 1968 button featuring Howland wondering "who's for vice?" I guess we learned in 1992-2000.
This is the 1980 I Go Pogo button. It came out in conjunction with the Pogo for President movie.



My collection of 1968 buttons is being scanned and the complete collection will soon be presented on the Button Page.

All Walt Kelly art used on these pages is O.G.P.I. - other material 2000-2008 by Marilyn White