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The Wade Porcelain Pogo.

Mvc-013f.jpg (16071 bytes)The porcelain Pogo made by the famous Wade factory in Ireland is the most  difficult for collectors to find. It is also the most expensive. This ceramic figure was created in 1959, and Walt Kelly did not like it at all. He broke the heads off the ones that were sent to him. Click the photo to see a full sized photo.


Poynter Figures

Poynters1.jpg (62484 bytes) These figures were manufactured by Poynter Products Co. of Ohio. These figures range from 5.5 to 7 inches in height and are made of plastic. The added feathers or fur was not appealing to Walt Kelly, and he rejected them completely. Supposedly they were thus never released to the market. They are sometimes found new in the box. Poynter figures are rare. Top photo, from left they are: Churchy la Femme, Mamselle Hepzibah and Howland Owl. Lower photo:  Beauregard Hound, Pogo Possum and Albert Alligator, Click on the pictures to see close-up photos.
Poynters2.jpg (59953 bytes)

Proctor & Gamble Figures

P&G1.jpg (53671 bytes) These soft plastic figures were given away in boxes of Proctor and Gamble products c1969. The prototypes of these figures were done by Walt Kelly in modeling clay, and are still owned by Proctor and Gamble. A full set of these figures should be relatively easy for any collector to achieve.  Pictured is a complete set of figures. They are 4" to 5" tall. They are Top photo, from left: Albert, Porky and Churchy. Bottom Photo: Howland, Beauregard, and Pogo. Click on the photos to see an enlarged picture.
PG2.jpg (53116 bytes)



All Walt Kelly art used on these pages is O.G.P.I. - other material 2000-2008 by Marilyn White