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This is the personal web-site of Marilyn White. I have been collecting Pogo and Walt Kelly items for many years. I'd like to share some of my Pogo interests with web surfers, and hope that you will enjoy looking at the Pogo items in my collection. I also have some excess from my collection listed, so maybe you can find something here that you will enjoy.


POGO COLLECTION. 20 years of gathering Pogo stuff has provided me with a pretty good Pogo collection. Some highlights are shown here. 


POGO FOR SALE. These are the items that I currently have available for sale. Take a look.


POGO FOR PRESIDENT. Pogo has been running for President since 1952, when Walt Kelly was beating the drum for him. He's been drafted again this time, and is a leading candidate for 2004. 


POGOFEST. Here's where to view all the action from current and past Pogofests. While you're there, also view the photo albums. 


POGO RESOURCES. Here's where you can find the origin of "We have met the enemy...", the words to "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie", and learn about the annual get-together of Pogo collectors, A Pogo Fan Club, a Pogo Price Guide, and a few other things to help budding Pogophiles. There is also a list of Pogo Books, and Indexes of all Pogo in print. Little known information on the Poynter figures... and more.


LETTERS. The "I Go Pogo" web site gets some interesting email. Here's some of the best.


OTHER INTERESTS. I've got a lot of other things that I accumulate - or maybe they are a collection. Look at these pages for some of them.

"It gets rather boring, but I've been lying here counting all you people who've visited this site. 
You are visitor number
Hit Counter since Christmas, 2008.  We started again when we reached 360,000 visitors."

All the art work used on this site is from "Songs Of The Pogo", and individual pages featuring these characters are for sale. Please email me for information.

This site was updated on Sunday 3/15/09

Nothin's Hot

Questions about Pogo books or comics? Here's the answers.

Dale Intolubbe has made a "Smoke Filled Room"

Comics, Magazines & Ephemera for Sale.

Songs of the Pogo!
Now on CD


Did you ever wonder what the Poynter figures actually looked like when new? Did you wonder what Mamselle had in her hand? Here are the answers.



All Walt Kelly art used on these pages is O.G.P.I. - other material 2000-2008 by Marilyn White